track and diff/halfshaft measurements

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track and diff/halfshaft measurements

Post by avriette » Sat May 10, 2008 4:23 pm

I'm looking for the track width of the FXT and STI. Also would be interested in knowing the width of the diff/halfshaft assembly. Would also be good to know dimensions (or photos thereof) of the hubs on the STI.

Also, anyone care to comment on the strength of the diff/halfshaft assy for both the FXT and the STI? I've heard figures up to 600hp for the STI, but the Nissan people seem to think the R180 "will fit" but "isn't recommended" for applications > 300hp.

...anyone know if the Subaru LSD assy will fit into the R200 housing? How about an R230?

I figure this belonged either here or in wheels/tires.
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Re: track and diff/halfshaft measurements

Post by zaxrex » Sun May 11, 2008 5:46 pm

The FXT trans is mostly the same as the WRX. '06 models and later have extra width on the gears so they are a bit stronger than the WRX (what wouldn't), if you want to come over and do some measuring, you can play with my FXT trans.

Also remember that the ring and pinion is a bit larger in diameter/ratio, so the shock loading on the driveshafts/hubs will be less. Trick is going to be getting the ratio of the transfer case to match the rear diff. You could cheat and stagger the tire diameters to match, but that might be more my style...
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