Panic button + supertones...

What does this red wire do? Zzzzzt Oops

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Panic button + supertones...

Post by sirwilliam »

Okay, so this morning I was fumbling w/ stuff I was carrying into work and accidentally hit the panic button.

Math Eq.

(Panic Button + Supertones) = "What did you say?" + [(Increased heart rate + Increase of adrenaline) > Coffee]
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Post by Sabre »

lol, I think that I'm going to repaint my "less than" supertones tomorrow :)
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Post by Cereb Daithi »

Haha just saw your post on IWSTI and came over to crack a joke..(something along the lines of I heard you all the way from PA) but it looks like you already made a post!

When I installed the supertones in my friends STi I had him test it out while I sat very close in front of them with my fingers in my ears. The first thing that happened was I was instantly greeted by supersonic dust to the face that had collected on the horns and then was violently propelled outward upon horn activation. The next thing i realized was that the finger-in-ear tactic wasn't doing a very good job. Damn those things are loud!
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