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CloudRouter Project

Post by Sabre » Thu Jun 02, 2016 5:35 pm
The CloudRouter Project is a collaborative open source project focused on developing a powerful, easy to use router designed for the cloud.

Compute resources are rapidly migrating from physical infrastructure to a combination of physical, virtual and cloud environments. A similar transition is emerging in the networking space, with network control logic shifting from proprietary hardware-based platforms to open source software-based platforms. CloudRouter is a software-based router distribution designed to run on physical, virtual and cloud environments, supporting software-defined networking infrastructure. It includes the features of traditional hardware routers, as well as support for emerging technologies such as containers and software-defined interconnection. CloudRouter aims to facilitate migration to the cloud without giving up control over network routing and governance.

Key features
  • Full-stack SDN implementation including OpenDaylight and ONOS
    Standards-based interfaces
    Built on the rock-solid foundation of Linux
    Monitoring and availability
    Support for containers and cloud images
    Security monitoring tools including FastNetMon for DDoS and DOS detection and analysis, and BGPstream for analysis
Architecture & design goals
  • Optimized for interconnection
    Run in the cloud or on-premise
    Flexible build system supporting multiple distribution formats
    Easy to use and configure
    Security as a core feature, not an afterthought
    High performance with minimal resource consumption
    Highly scalable
:ugeek: 8)

Combine Docker and a router.... and boom, CloudRouter :)
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