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2017 Washington DC SCCA Rallyx Schedule

Posted: Wed Mar 08, 2017 7:40 pm
by Katya4me
RallyCross Season Subscription - Register now with (MSR)

Includes 7 single-day events and 2 Test-n-Tunes. That's 9 days of RallyCross!

The 2017 RX Schedule:

March 18- Test and Tune

March 19- Championship Event 1

April 9- Championship Event 2

May 7- Championship Event 3

June 11- Championship Event 4

July 7,8,9- East Coast National Challenge (not included in the Season Subscription)

September 16- Test and Tune

September 17- Championship Event 5

October 15- Championship Event 6

November 13- Championship Event 7

Please note the Season Subscription does not include the East-Coast National Challenge scheduled for July. Registration for that event will be handled separately.

The Season Subscription is a $500 value for a total of only $300! You'll receive a preferred start order position at the first event of the season. You can keep your number throughout the season (with the exception of the East-Coast National Challenge). You must be a SCCA annual member to receive the season subscription benefit.

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Re: 2017 Washington DC SCCA Rallyx Schedule

Posted: Wed Mar 08, 2017 7:41 pm
by Katya4me
For 2017, Washington DC SCCA RallyCross will be running all of our events at the awesome Rally Farm in Catlett, VA (about an hour south of DC). This venue is all-grass/dirt and easier on cars and tires than our old Frostburg site, and has a ton of different racing areas to keep it fresh. The Farm is owned by stage rallyists and events are run by enthusiasts.

DC rallycross is one of the best-organized rallycross clubs in the country, with man of the best drivers in the country - so it's super-friendly to newbies but also full of great competition in almost every class - whether you're running a Subaru, old BMW, Miata, Focus, or any other kind of car you can think of, you CAN run it out there, whether it's bone-stock or heavily modded.

For more information:

DC SCCA RallyCross page:

Official Facebook page:

DC "Unofficial" Rally/Rallycross Facebook page:

Re: 2017 Washington DC SCCA Rallyx Schedule

Posted: Wed Apr 05, 2017 1:26 pm
by Sabre
Come on out folks, it's a good time!!!