Hyperfest rallyrides and rallysprint June18-19

Getting dirty for the fun of it.

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Hyperfest rallyrides and rallysprint June18-19

Post by prorallycodriver » Tue Jun 07, 2011 9:47 pm

Roadracing, drifting, carshow, live music, fireworks, stuff to do for the kids, daisy duke contest, rollover contest,......what is there not to like?

Hyperfest general info:

Saturday for like $5 you can ride at speed in real rallycars on dirt. Sunday is a rallysprint.

I'm registered to drive. Plan to bring both the Mazda Protog and Datsun 510. And bro-in-law is drifting.

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Re: Hyperfest rallyrides and rallysprint June18-19

Post by Sabre » Wed Jun 08, 2011 10:38 am

Sadly, most of us will be going to the wedding of a DCAWD member, so we're going to miss it :( This will be the first one I have missed in years!
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Re: Hyperfest rallyrides and rallysprint June18-19

Post by supasixfo » Mon Jun 27, 2011 11:29 am

An experience. So i've been going to Hyperfest for the past 3 years (including this one). Every year, it was filled with pure automotive bliss. If you had any interest in motorsports, hyperfest had something for you; rally, nasa pro racing (big V8's, stinger class, euro class), HPDE, drifting, a car show, stunts, karting, chicks, etc. etc.

This past hyperfest, i decided to help work the rallysprint. If you have ever considered getting into rally, this is the event to go to. I got to chat with a bunch of nasa pro rally drivers (though i missed catching dave some how), and a few guys that run Rally America. Every one of them was nice, helpful, and full of sage advice. WDCR rallyX folks were there as well, and again, very welcoming. The surprise guest of the event was Anders Green - the director of NASA RallySport East. Some of you may know him as the author of the real cost of rally, and his article on racing realities is a sobering read for aspiring racists (pun intended) who want to go pro. (http://linaracing.com/main/node/42).

Hats off to all the drivers and co-drivers at the rallysprint for rallying their faces off and giving 140+ spectators there a view of what rally is all about.

dave - somehow i didn't get any shots of you, but allison did!
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