Selling my 2009 GTR

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Selling my 2009 GTR

Post by scheherazade »

I have images here :

$55k obo

I bought it with 1500 miles in 2010, has 43.5K now

Exterior is 9.5/10. Wax covers up the imperfections.

Interior is 9/10. Most of it looks new. Seats/wheel/carpets have been covered since I got it, and are like new.
Typical wear on surfaces that are high touch, such as shifter button, and trim near shifter.

Engine stock, and always stock.
Has a new stainless exhaust, because old one was old.

Trans is upgraded for reliability. Dodson sensors, new solenoids, mechanical retainers, billet clutch baskets, shimmed E-TS, cleaned valve body with fresh filters.

The car is in good working order.

The transmission is a maintenance item (Just a GTR thing :roll: )
Periodically you will need to clean solenoids/filters/etc. It isn't rocket science, but it takes time. IMO forget the recommended 18k mile trans oil changes with flush, instead do 5k miles without flush.
($250 bucks for Motul DCTF... 5 cents per mile in trans oil. It's worth it to save on cleaning labor.)

I'm selling it to fund a business idea.
Also, I haven't driven it much in the last few years, and haven't missed it. Lately my girlfriend has driven it more than I have.

In any case, if any of you guys are interested, you're welcome to come by and drive it.

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Re: Selling my 2009 GTR

Post by GaToR »

End of an era!
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Re: Selling my 2009 GTR

Post by Sabre »

Damn, sad to see you selling it! Good luck with the business idea!!
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